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Zhibin Li haoyouab at gmail.com
Mon Aug 5 17:25:10 UTC 2019

Hi all,

Last week I was working on generl DRM ioctl decoding according to the
review comments from esyr.

- Used print_array to print all those pointers which point to arrays and
I added a print_uint16_array_member() function because some fields seem
to be uint16. BTW those count_* fields come along with *_ptr fields are
now decoded correctly (considering I didn't notice they are R/W before).
- Used PRINT_FIELD_{FLAGS, XVAL, FD, UID} instead of printing them all
as signed or unsigned values. I'm thinking about adding a short comments
or description about them.
- Some other minor issues fixing, e.g. some fields should be printed in
hexadecimal format, all the xlat #includes now go to the beginning, etc.
- This one is a big change in my patch (at least to me, it is). I tried
what esyr suggested, providing fallback definitions of DRM_IOCTL related
structures and all those constants in strace/linux/linux/drm.h. There is
a drm_mode.h, too. I'm not sure if this is compliant with strace's
tradition (probably not) so I hope I can get feedbacks :).
For now, the changes are in [1]. I simply bundle the latest kernel headers
(ioc32 compat definitions are included) up in strace to see if it works.


- Some refactoring work is not yet finished. I'm going to continue that.
- Those no-oped ioctls may worth decoding because they were valid on some
old kernels which strace still supports. I think I should make a list.
- With above changes, some tests are broken so I have to fix that, too.

Zhibin Li
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