Issue in building package

Himanshu Bhadani himanshubhadani012 at
Fri Mar 2 14:17:58 UTC 2018

hey everyone,

I'm trying to install strace on my machine but getting a error while

on running ./configure after ./bootstrap from strace directory execution
stops after printing following error.

*checking whether to enable demangling symbols in stack trace...
yeschecking gnu/stubs-32.h usability... yeschecking gnu/stubs-32.h
presence... yeschecking for gnu/stubs-32.h... yeschecking for m32
personality compile support... yeschecking for m32 personality runtime
support... yeschecking whether m32 -m32 works... ./ 75:
./ gawk: not foundnochecking whether to enable m32 personality
support... noconfigure: error: Cannot enable m32 personality support*

I installed gcc-multlib and other 32bit library but still have same issue
and not getting any relevant stuff on please help me how to build
the source code.

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