Chen Jingpiao's GSoC status report - #12 of #13

Chen Jingpiao chenjingpiao at
Tue Aug 7 15:36:25 UTC 2018

Hello, strace community!

	* Debug tests/qual_inject-signal.test, the test fail for seccomp stop
	can not inject signal
	* Set seccomp trace ipc(), socketcall() and syscall() system call by default [1]
	* Set enable_seccomp_filter = false [2] by default and update option parser
	* Write a simple test [3]
	* Write a blog to demonstrate my work (draft) [4]

In the following case, we should not enable seccomp filter:

	* strace -p: only when use execve to execute a program can we initialize seccomp
	* strace -einject: seccomp stop can not inject signal
	* strace TRACER(like strace): if enable seccomp filter, we will trace
	the tracee's child process, so the tracee's child process call
	ptrace(PTRACE_TRACEME) fail


Chen Jingpiao

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