[PATCH] Add gdb remote protocol handling to strace

Stan Cox scox at redhat.com
Tue Oct 17 18:29:31 UTC 2017

This is the latest version of the gdbserver backend patch.  It is
rebased to master, supports the new event dispatch scheme,and has
changes including buffer handling improvements and a rewrite of
notification queue handling.   It is a large patch but much of it is
boilerplate changes due to adding the backend struct.  The branch is
located at:

-configure*: configure support

-defs.h:  move enum trace_event here
  struct backend:  backend dispatch table.   All of the gdbserver
  version of these routines are independent and self contained except
  for get_regs which needs access to the register structures
  Any change not mentioned is only a change to allow for calling via a
  backend routine

  alloctcb and droptcb are accessed from the gdbs backend.
   handle_arg, end_init, final_cleanup, verify_args, start_init are
   generic default versions of backend methods.
  Add 'G' option to indicate how to connect to gdbs backend
  start_init invokes gdbserver, startup_child, startup_attach (via
  attach_tcb) start or connect to the child,
  invoke backend.get_regs, which needs to access the iovec.  gdbserver
  does not require a separate routine to get the syscall number.
  New test

  the gdbserver of the backend methods are defined here.  Communicates
  with gdbserver via the gdb remote protocol and converts to the
  packets that strace expects.  gdbserver has a syscall mode that
  returns information on syscalls via stop packets.  gdbserver has two
  protocol modes, all stop and non stop; both are supported.
  support routines: gdb remote packets are deciphered here
  gdb to native signal translation
  Gets the register set from gdbserver and converts to strace structures.

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