[PATCH v11 0/6] Introduce asinfo tool

Edgar Kaziakhmedov edgar.kaziakhmedov at virtuozzo.com
Wed Nov 8 13:44:43 UTC 2017

This is going to be the last and full patchset to introduce asinfo


* Add tests
* Fix issues in dispatcher.c file.

* Add asinfo binary to deb/rpm build.
* Add '--raw' parameter to print out without formating.
* Update MAN page and usage.
* Fix issues and typos.

* Add MAN page.
* Add script to generate source code describing architecture.
* Use new number_set API.
* Fix issues and typos.
* Fix broken make dist with regard to asinfo.

* Add multiarch mode for syscall_dispatcher, which allows to show
descrepancy in syscall numbers/name/arguments (number).
* Add syscall filtering(as in strace).
* Fix issues and typos.
* Refine push back interface for syscall_service.
* Refine push back interface for arch_service.

* Introduce multiarch mode for arch_dispatcher and abi_dispatcher.
* Introduce new arch_description storage (arch_definitions.h).
* Fix issues and typos.

* Adapt syscall dispatcher to the new program architecture.
* Implement usage.
* Refine command_dispatcher.
* Fix issues and typos.

* Add command_dispatcher
* Introduce syscall_dispatcher(raw version).
* Introduce push back interface for syscall_service.
* Fix issues and typos.

* Refine arch_dispatcher.
* Introduce abi_dispatcher.
* Add all architectures/ABIs supported by strace.
* Introduce push back interface for arch_service.
* Fix issues and typos.

v1 and older minor implementation:
* Introduce pipeline architecture.
* Implement the first version of arch_dispatcher.
* Introduce define-based interface to interact with array of arch_description.

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