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> On Fri, Mar 17, 2017 at 08:36:45PM +0100, Israel vianney wrote:
> [...]
> > Please I 've gone through the tests and test folder in the source code
> > trying to understand the used format, I also checked on codecov what is
> > left to be done as for the testing, then noticed some files with 100%
> miss
> > but then in the cloned code the testing of those functions have been
> > implemented. So it got me alittle confused. Please I will apreciate if
> > someone can clarify things for me. I am not very verse with codecov.
> Thanks
> > in advance
> That's simple: the system where we gather coverage (by running tests using
> strace built with configure option --enable-code-coverage) is provided by
> travis, it's quite old and doesn't implement quite a few modern kernel
> features.  That's the reason for the discrepancy of ~2% you can see
> between the coverage displayed on codecov site and the coverage you can
> gather yourself on a system with a fresh linux kernel.
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> Thank you for the quick respond please i am still facing difficulties in
> knowing what needs to be done and what has been already been done. I am
> sorry if my question seems easy or stupid but i am new to open source and i
> feel comfortable in strace please i will like if somebody can guide me
> through. Strace code base is realy big and i dont find my way in it.

Thank you.

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