Edgar Kaziakhmedov's GSoC status report #2 of 13

Edgar Kaziahmedov edos at linux.com
Thu Jun 15 11:44:56 UTC 2017

Hello, strace community!

For the time being, I introduced architecture of the asinfo tool.
First of all, according to functionality, I decided to separate app
into 3 main parts:

arch_dispatcher -> syscall dispatcher -> filter dispatcher

I placed them into dispatchers.h file. The dispatchers.c will consist
of all functionality according to the proposed model.

Based on set of syscallent.h files, there is arch_list.h file, that's
purposed to store main information about each architecture.
(personalities will be added later)

First of all, list of options is placed into request_msgs.h file, you
can mix them.

form_req function processes input parameters and returns variable,
setting corresponding bits. After that returned value is going through
arch_dispatcher, where function can process own range of requests and
return list of archs.(I've created useful defines to simplify work
with list). After that in syscall_dispatcher, subroutine returns info
about syscall, list of syscall for the current archs, etc. After that
this list of syscall for the specific arch could be filtered using some
rules, for example, return list of syscalls that are operating with
memory, or with file descriptor.

For now, I have implemented arch_dispatcher and architecture above, and
sent out patch with the current progress(it doesn't mean that it's the
final patch). 

It is worth mentioning, that this tool is going to be more powerful and
more flexible than ausyscall tool.

Best regards,
Edgar Kaziahmedov
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