Victor Krapivensky's GSoC status report - #2 of 13

Victor Krapivensky at
Tue Jun 13 00:19:55 UTC 2017

Hello, strace community!

Project: advanced syscall tampering and filtering with Lua/LuaJIT.

Accomplishments: this week, I've implemented initial support for LuaJIT
hooking. It can be found at [1], and is probably not ready to be merged
yet. It can do things like

  strace.hook('open', 'entering', function(tcp) io.stderr:write("gonna open...\n") end

(put this line into "script.lua" and run it as
  strace -l script.lua your-program)

I've had one exam this week. Next week, I plan to implement
tampering/filtering with LuaJIT. I'll have one exam, again.


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