Edgar Kaziakhmedov's GSoC status report - #1 of 13

Edgar Kaziahmedov edos at linux.com
Mon Jun 5 06:54:29 UTC 2017

Hi, Strace Community

Advanced syscall information tool
-> Edited configure and created Makefile.am's in tools and tools/asinfo
directories to build multiple executables.
-> Confirmed the final version of the first options to be used, tool
provides two short and long parameters to make input more understandable
$ asinfo --get-number[-n] write (will show all matches)
1 write
$ asinfo --get-syscall[-s] 1 (vice versa)
$ asinfo --get-kernel-file[-k] 1|write
//path to the file with implementation in the running kernel
$ asinfo --get-args[-a] 1|write
ssize_t write(int fd, const void *buf, size_t count)
$ asinfo --help[-h]
/* keys for filter syscall will be added later */

Speaking about multiarch support, I thought that there is no
need in support all archs in the runtime. The arch could be determined
while compilating for the current machine, because strace works this way
and this tool is complementary for it.

Before next Monday I'll send out the patch with the first two options
implemented, because of having an exam on the 8 June.
Best regards,
Edgar Kaziahmedov
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