[PATCH 1/2] v4l2: Add decoding for VIDIOC_G/S_TUNER's arg

Dmitry V. Levin ldv at altlinux.org
Sat Apr 22 23:45:39 UTC 2017

On Fri, Apr 21, 2017 at 04:53:05PM +0300, Edgar Kaziahmedov wrote:
> * v4l2.c: Include "xlat/v4l2_tuner_types.h", "xlat/v4l2_tuner_capabilities.h",
> "xlat/v4l2_tuner_rxsubchanses.h", and "xlat/v4l2_tuner_audmodes.h".
> (struct_v4l2_tuner): New typedef. Mpersify it.
> (print_v4l2_tuner): New function. Use it. Add decoding for

Surprisingly, struct v4l2_tuner is arch-independent because its definition
uses arch-independent types only.  As result, struct v4l2_tuner can be
used in print_v4l2_tuner and struct_v4l2_tuner is not needed.

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