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Sun Apr 2 17:37:12 UTC 2017

On Sun, Apr 2, 2017 at 2:41 PM, sandhya bankar
<bankarsandhya512 at> wrote:
> Hello,

>       I am Sandhya, an opensource enthusiast and a  contributor to the
> linux-kernel project. I'm currently an Kernel Intern at The Linux Foundation
> through Outreachy Dec-2016. I started contributing to open source almost 1
> year before.
> I would like to join strace project and work on the same. I have used strace
> so many times in academics and in my project. I would like to contribute to
> this magical utility.
> I have one doubt, Can anybody quickly guide me ?
Please take a look at the following:
* is an archive
of this mailing list, it contains lots of information and worth
is a short guide for new contributors
* contains
some information regarding contribution requirements. Other README*
files are also worth a look.

> I have added couple of testcases but not able to build and test it. How we
> should build and execute the test available in tests folder ?
Test suite can be run with "make check". Specific test can be run with
make check TESTS="test_name".

> Thanks,
> Sandhya Bankar

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