Newbies first add a test.

ChenJingPiao chenjingpiao at
Thu Oct 27 05:03:00 UTC 2016

Hi, I am a newbies, this is my first test add in strace,
if something wrong, please tell me. And is it necessary
to implement user manage related syscalls on strace -e?
such as: getuid, setuid, getgid, setgid, getegid, setegid,
geteuid, seteuid, setregid, setreuid, getresgid, setresgid,
getresuid, setresuid, setfsgid, setfsuid, getgroups, setgroups.
I want to do something make me familiar with strace codebase.
I will appreciate if you can give me a hand.

Thank you.
JingPiao Chen.
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