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Tue Oct 4 21:15:21 UTC 2016

Hi Perside Rosalie,

On Mon, Oct 03, 2016 at 08:57:23AM +0100, Rosalie Perside wrote:
> Hello Everybody!
> My name is Perside Rosalie i am a junior computer engineer in University of
> Buea-Cameroon, I am new to open source contribution and i will like to
> contribute to Strace. I have cloned the source code from here
> and compiled it using
> this instructions
> ttps://
> I read the manual page for stace and i went through the list of current
> bugs;dist=unstable
> I will appreciate to get a link to any more documentations, list of issues
> and getting started links to ease my contributions.

As strace is a project with ~25 years of history, it doesn't provide low
hanging fruits in form of bugs that are easy to find and fix.  It doesn't
mean that there are no such bugs, I just think it's unlikely that you'll
be fortunate enough to find and fix one in a short time.  Unless you have
an inquisitive mind and a natural inclination to fix bugs, I'd recommend
to focus on something else that's easy to start with.

If you are looking for something to code that does not require deep
knowledge of strace internals, there are at least two areas that come
to mind:

1. The most popular idea that was mentioned several times in this list
recently is to add a test for a syscall that's not yet covered by the test
suite.  See for a general idea
what's covered and what's not.  As virtually every contribution expects
writing some tests, the experience of extending test suite would be useful

2. Another idea is to extend -e trace=class syntax with new classes.
strace currently supports desc, file, ipc, memory, network, process, and
signal.  Additional classes might be useful, e.g. all open-like syscalls,
all stat-like syscalls, all syscalls dealing with uid/gid, etc.  This was
discussed in this list already, so please see the mailing list archive.

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