strace-4.12 compilation failure on kernel 3.10.102

Li Er phoooyb at
Thu Jun 16 02:59:37 UTC 2016

  the constant BTRFS_IOC_QUOTA_RESCAN_WAIT which is used in btrfs.c is not defined in the header files of kernel 3.10.102, the kernel commit which added the constant is 57254b6ebce4ceca02d9c8b615f6059c56c19238, as you can see by running git log -p v3.10.102..57254b6ebce4ceca02d9c8b615f6059c56c19238 in the kernel repository, this commit is not included in the 3.10 branch(it's indeed in the 3.12 branch), thus results in a compilation failure.
  by adding:
in btrfs.c strace compiles just fine.

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