[GSOC2015] Review on idea

jitendra kumar khasdev jkhasdev at gmail.com
Thu Mar 19 05:24:44 UTC 2015

>On Wed, 18 Mar 2015, Luca Clementi wrote:
> You can also have the other way around several user space functions
> which do not map to any system call (which is probably more common).
> Anyhow you can get a very similar (in terms of seeing which user space
> function triggered a specific system call) functionality using the -k
> flag, which print the user space call stack with the functions names
> before each system caall.

Thank you for your concern. There are some question in my mind right 
Should I trace user space triggering ? 
Will it be effective proposal for GSOC ?

As far if, I trace user space function till the system call then picture 
will be something :-

main() 	-> fun1() -> fun2() -> printf() 
			    -> scanf()
			    -> fork()

	-> fun4() -> sum(); -> libfn()

       	-> fun5() -> exit()
			    - syscall();

Should I working on it or it is already there into strace ?
Give me your valuable input regarding this.
Thanks and Regards,
Jitendra Kumar Khasdev,
jkhasdev at gmail.com| Mo.8871242083

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