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Thu Mar 5 18:42:22 UTC 2015

On Thu, Mar 05, 2015 at 02:03:51AM +0800, 杨秉武 wrote:
> To understand a program how to run, it's the easiest way to write test
> unit:).So i take some time to test the strace.
> I check the makefile to find some test target (like make test but i do not
> find), i find this
> > RECURSIVE_TARGETS = all-recursive check-recursive dvi-recursive \
> >         html-recursive info-recursive install-data-recursive \
> >         install-dvi-recursive install-exec-recursive \
> >         install-html-recursive install-info-recursive \
> >         install-pdf-recursive install-ps-recursive install-recursive \
> >         installcheck-recursive installdirs-recursive pdf-recursive \
> >         ps-recursive uninstall-recursive

You are looking at a generated file.  There is little use to do that
unless you are debugging a build bug.

> So i guess the check-recursive target is the test. the test result as below:
> > =================================================
> >    strace tests/test-suite.log
> > =================================================
> > 1 of 23 tests failed.  (12 tests were not run).
> one test failed and 12 tests skip.

12 skipped tests means that you've got a pretty old operating system.

> finally i find the reason. because the Interval expressions were not
> traditionally available in awk. They were added as part of the POSIX
> standard to make awk and egrep consistent with each other.solving this
> problem just add the option --posix to match.
> awk --posix -f "$srcdir"/caps.awk "$LOG" ||
> >         { cat "$LOG"; fail_ 'unexpected output'; }

Posix compatibility mode means more than just enabling interval
expressions.  gawk has -r (aka --re-interval) option that explicitly
enables interval expressions.  Is this option portable enough?

> during this the road to test, i find some problem.
>    1. some test will skip if the check_prog failed(program is not exist),
>    so the test is incomplete. it didnt run all tests.
>    2. some test script depend linux program like time, on my system it
>    didnt be installed. I mean we should check the program version. It's
>    universal to check the dependence version. some package management will do
>    this like yum pip npm.
>    3. it 's not automated.

strace test suite assumes a decent operating system.

> i'm very happy to write test suite to be familiar with the strace code
> base, then develop the strace code base as long-term devleloper:)

You are welcome. :)

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