Building Source Strace Source Codes

Alangi Derick alangiderick at
Thu Feb 19 19:26:10 UTC 2015

     I found out something when i built the latest version of Strace. I
notice that when i build the source, the object files are mixed with the
source codes them selves(.c files) but i thought of an idea that:
- When the source codes are built using: make, there should be a separate
folder that the object files can be generated and kept in so as to keep the
directory clean and not mixed with object files and source codes. This will
lead to ease in search of files.
     That is an idea i had in mind but if there is a special reason for
allowing the object files in the same directory as the source files, i will
like to know because i am planning on working on the build so as the object
files can be stored in a folder called:
strace_build which contains all the .o(binary) files generated by running
        Thanks and if there is anything to say about this, then i should
know please
            Cheers Alangi Derick!!!!!
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