Preparing for the next release: call for testing

Dmitry V. Levin ldv at
Thu Dec 10 05:26:22 UTC 2015


There is quite enough good stuff accumulated in strace.git
since v4.10 so I think it's time to cut a new release.

If you have pending patches to include before the release,
please submit them now.

There have been quite a few changes since v4.10 that could have caused
regressions, so please test HEAD on all configurations you can.

Judging by the test results I have, current HEAD (v4.10-566-gbab4ef4)
is expected to pass "make check" at least on the following architectures:
x86_64, x86, x32, aarch64, arm eabi, alpha, hppa, ia64, mips o32,
ppc, ppc64, s390, s390x, and sparc.

Assuming that toolchain is recent enough, current HEAD is also expected
to pass "make check" when configured with --enable-gcc-Werror option.

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