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Thomas Schmiedl thomas.schmiedl at
Wed Aug 26 17:36:31 UTC 2015

Hello Mike,

thanks for your reply. For better understanding: I try to realize this 
idea: I use for internet & phone the router Fritzbox 7312. A dect-phone 
(Gigaset) is connected to this router. There is an alternative firmware, 
called 'Freetz' ( I want to use the freetz-package 
'Callmonitor' (, which has 
included an internet-reverse-search for the names for incoming calls. I 
try to transfer that name to the dect-phone.

I'm not a programmer, only a 'standard' user. My idea is to trace the 
communication between the two involved processes 'telefon' and 
'dect_manager' ( via 
an unix-domain-socket file. Is the string '\32\0`\200\0\0\20\fKein Bier 
vor 4\0\0\0' the protocol, that I could use in an own application (send 
own text to 'dect_manager')? Unfortunately, the router's vendor doesn't 
provide any information about telephony.

Best regards,

Am 26.08.2015 um 18:57 schrieb Mike Frysinger:
> On 26 Aug 2015 13:56, Thomas Schmiedl wrote:
>> I have now built strace in a qemu-emulated mips-linux. The call on the
>> real mips-device (router) was:
>> ./strace -p <pid> -y -yy -e all -o <tracefile>
>> with this output in the tracefile (only the important line):
>> send(21<socket:[38588]>, "\32\0`\200\0\0\20\fKein Bier vor 4\0\0\0", 26,
>> 0) = 26
>> Is it possible to see the commands before and after "Kein Bier vor 4",
>> that were transferred between the two processes via an
>> unix-domain-socketfile. I try to send own text to the receiving process,
>> that should send the own text to a connected dect-phone.
> what do you mean ?  strace already showed you all the syscalls that the
> process made during that time.
> -mike
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