Pathnames followed by "..." when printed using printpathn

Zubin Mithra zubin.mithra at
Tue May 27 03:53:15 UTC 2014

Hello everyone,

Currently I'm working on a means by which I can convert relative paths to
absolute when displayed as system call arguments. Some sample output can be
seen here[1]. Please note that the arguments passed to "execve" and "open"
are absolute paths.

(The current implementation is just a PoC and I haven't committed anything
yet, I'll post a link to the commit as soon as I push it in.)

`printpathn` takes in an argument `n` which is the maximum number of
characters that should be displayed in the path(followed by "...").

Should this scheme be followed when displaying absolute paths too?

Perhaps we could use the "..." scheme when "-yy" is used and the full path
whenever "-yyy" is used? Does that make sense/sound good?

-- zm

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