Alangi Derick alangiderick at
Sun Mar 9 14:30:00 UTC 2014

Hello Strace Members,
                    I am called Alangi Derick Ndimnain, i am from
Cameroon and i recently founded this organisation called Strace that i
like to work with this summer of code 2014. I am a Computer
Engineering Student in the University of Buea, Cameroon. My interest
to work with this organisation is because we studied a course in our
university this year called Systems programming and i did very well in
the course in both the CA and the Exams.
   - CA - Score [28/30]
   - Exams - Score [unknown]
The statistics for the Exams is yet unknown because it has not yet been marked.

I like system programming and fortunately too, i am program in the C
language and to finish all these, i want to work for an organisation
to make sure that i put in practice the ideas that i learnt in school
for the use of all in the world and i will like to use this
opportunity to make a difference in Strace.
                Thanks for your understanding
                               Alangi Derick


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