GSOC: Structured output

Dennis Borisevich elfmax at
Sun Mar 2 11:38:16 UTC 2014

My name is Denis Borisevich. I am a Belarusian State University
second-year student and I wish to participate in this year's Google
Summer of Code. I am a fan of Unix-like systems and pure C programming.

I like the "Structured Output" idea, and I think it can be extended to
a 'modular' output API or similar.

That means, I think that using a special command line switch strace can
be forced to output JSON/XML/${anything standardized} to stderr, or it
can be forced to bind to/create a socket and place the output in there.
I can come up with other ideas to extend this one, but I am afraid if
it can make strace a little bit bloated.

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