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Mike Frysinger vapier at
Mon Aug 11 05:38:42 UTC 2014

On Thu 07 Aug 2014 05:04:33 Dmitry V. Levin wrote:
> These are odd:
> $ grep '^FAIL: detach' tests/remote-test.*.log
> tests/remote-test.lantank.log:FAIL: detach-sleeping
> tests/remote-test.lantank.log:FAIL: detach-stopped
> tests/remote-test.lantank.log:FAIL: detach-running
> tests/remote-test.polyp.log:FAIL: detach-sleeping
> tests/remote-test.polyp.log:FAIL: detach-stopped
> tests/remote-test.polyp.log:FAIL: detach-running
> I've seen failing detach-stopped when strace failed to leave tracee
> stopped after detaching on 2.x kernels, but empty log is something new.

empty logs were due to bugs in the test scripts themselves :)

with the fixes i posted, arm now passes.

sh fails detach-stopped in the way you describe:
$ cat tests/detach-stopped.log
Process 10130 attached
--- SIGSTOP {si_signo=SIGSTOP, si_code=SI_USER, si_pid=0, si_uid=0} ---
--- stopped by SIGSTOP ---
brk(0)                                  = 0x417000
brk(0x438000)                           = 0x438000
nanosleep({120, 0}, Process 10130 detached
 <detached ...>
State:  S (sleeping)
detach-stopped.test: failed test: tracee is not group-stopped after detach

should we just mark this as XFAIL on old kernels ?
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