Feature requests: list of PIDS, and all threads

Alexander Kriegisch kriegaex at freetz.org
Fri Mar 9 16:01:47 UTC 2012

Dmitry V. Levin, 09.03.2012 16:17:
>> I guess we can support -p PID1,PID2 _and_ -p "PID1 PID2". Why not?
> Of course we can, and you've implemented this with commit 
> v4.6-258-ge8172b7 already, but the same effect can be trivially 
> achieved by using sed, e.g. strace `pgrep whatever |sed 's/^/-p /'` 
> so there is no real benefit for users from adding this feature.

I seem to have a deja vu today, the same discussion on every mailing
list. So I am going to say it here, too: Users are clients, even in open
source projects (I also work for free in another OSS project even though
I like to make money with my daytime job). So, if a user is a client,
why not make life easier for him? And why is it so hard to regognise the
benefit of not having to use a - however short - sed command for an
everyday use case?

Thanks again, Denys, for implementing this.

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