PowerPC port does not support "-c" option

Gokhan Sengun gokhansengun at gmail.com
Thu Apr 19 19:17:44 UTC 2012


I have cross-built strace 4.6.0 for my PowerPC target running Linux. I
statically linked strace.

I have two use cases,

- first is to attach it to a running daemon with more than 50 pthreads
using "-f" option followed by "-p". This is working just fine. I am
killing the strace instance by sending KILL signal.

- second is - in addition to the first one - to add "-c" option to get
statistics about the daemon. Although I kill the strace instance by
sending KILL command, it does not print the statistics. Sending INT
signal to strace instance does not help either. They both print

I tried to get more logs using "-d" option without luck.

My two use cases are working fine in a i686 Linux box.

Appreciate your helps on this.


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