Jamie Lokier jamie at
Thu Mar 3 15:26:41 UTC 2011

Roland McGrath wrote:
> Friends, I am withdrawing from the maintenance and development of strace.
> I have not done much material work for quite a while now, so this won't
> be much of a change in practice, but I'm making it formal now.  Dmitry is
> already the de facto lead maintainer now, and he has earned the role and
> recognition as the head of the project.
> I'm glad I was able to revive the project from its dormancy and to
> contribute to the 4.5 series of releases over these last few years.
> I'm very grateful to everyone who has contributed code, testing, and
> bug reports to strace, and most especially to Dmitry.
> Dmitry already has full admin privileges for the sourceforge project and
> the Fedora package.  I'll stay a member of the project on sourceforge
> since there's no reason not to, but Dmitry is fully in charge of that.
> I'll remain the official Fedora package owner at least for the coming
> release cycle to help Dmitry adapt to the Fedora procedures, but Dmitry
> and Andreas already have full access and control there and they already
> do all the real work.
> I'll fall off this mailing list in the next week or two.  
> If you need to contact me about strace after March 11,
> please use the address <roland at> (the alias
> <roland at> will forward there, too).

Your work and direction on the project has been much appreciated
Roland.  strace is a very useful tool that needed looking after, and
it's in better shape now.

I had a bunch of patches to contribute last year, to follow vforks on
uClinux and a few other things cleanups, but it seems Dmitry has done
a great job of doing the same before I got around to offering them :-)
So I've been quietly lurking and quietly appreciating what both of you
have been up to.

Good luck with whatever it is you are doing in future!

-- Jamie

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