approaching 4.5.21 release

Dmitry V. Levin ldv at
Mon Jan 17 18:12:14 UTC 2011

On Mon, Jan 17, 2011 at 09:12:46AM -0800, Roland McGrath wrote:
> Thanks as usual, Dmitry.  It seems to me we've accumulated quite enough
> good stuff to have a 4.5.21 release soon.  Perhaps even one of these days
> we should call it 4.6?  (The change of the -f mechanism seems like as major
> a thing as we've had in a long time or are likely to have in the
> foreseeable future.)  What do you think?

I agree, the amount of changes we've made since 4.5.20 qualifies for a
new release.  I test HEAD on x86 and x86-64 regularly, and there are no
known regressions since 4.5.20.

The following pre-release work have to be done:
- merge pending patches if any (please speak up);
- sync syscallent.h and ioctlent.h files with the latest linux kernel;
- sync debian/ changes;
- test on supported non-x86 architectures.

I've updated linux/ioctlent.h already, and I think I can update x86,
x86_64 and maybe arm files myself, but I definitely need help to update
and test other architectures.

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