[PATCH 1/2] Prepare to trace fork series calls using PTRACE_SETOPTIONS

Dmitry V. Levin ldv at altlinux.org
Wed Sep 1 22:05:33 UTC 2010

On Wed, Sep 01, 2010 at 05:17:34PM +0800, Wang Chao wrote:
> * defs.h: Add new function declaration.
> * process.c (reparent): Move code which handle parent relationship
>   of new child process to a new function.
>   (internal_fork): Call it.

Let's try to follow ChangeLog style requirements, i.e.

* defs.h [LINUX] (reparent): New function declaration.
* process.c [LINUX] (reparent): New function.
[LINUX] (internal_fork): Move code that handles parent relationship of
new child process to the new function, and call it instead.

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