strace -f or -F on a uClinux system

Sol Kavy skavy at
Fri Feb 26 21:34:32 UTC 2010

I am trying to understand the limitations of using strace on a uClinux

Ubicom is a semi-conductor company with a mutli-threaded CPU design
using a custom ISA.   We have recently ported and released uClinux
running on our processors.

We have a port of strace to the platform.  However, strace hangs when
using the -f or -F options.  

strace launches the child (rygel in this case) but is unable to follow
the vfork() and clones() that follow.  The system winds up in a state
when strace is sleeping, the child is in a tracing stop state and "it's
children" are all zombies.

Any information regarding strace's ability to follow children in a NOMMU
config is greatly appreciated.

Sol Kavy

Sol Kavy <skavy at>
Ubicom, Inc.

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