debian updates

Roland McGrath roland at
Thu Feb 4 20:30:25 UTC 2010

> please find attached my current updates to the debian/* files, diffed against 
> latest git.

I merged them.  In future, please do a few things slightly differently:

1. No trailing whitespace.  (git has options to complain at you about this.)
2. Fill your log lines to fit in <72 chars, so that the generated ChangeLog
   has lines <80 chars.
3. Use 'git format-patch' format for posting, it's easier to feed to git.

If you would like to join the sourceforge project and push commits to a
private branch for review and merge, that is certainly fine too.  It makes
things even easier for me or Dmitry or Andreas when we merge your changes.
(In fact, we might well just say "OK, merge it" and have you do it yourself.)

> I would like to make an upload to the Debian archive soon, to fix the release-
> critical bug (which is 
> done by a rather simple patch to
> Roland, are you OK with that?

It's certainly always fine by me when you do new Debian builds.  You don't
need my OK to do that.  I would just ask that you always make sure that all
the changes you are including in the Debian package are already in git, or
at least posted and under review.  AFAICT, this is already true of the
changes you want for 4.5.19-2, so you are doing things just right.

That said, I don't see any reason we can't have a 4.5.20 release rather
soon.  Even if it just rolls in the fixes already in git today, that seems
fine to me.  I know there are some outstanding issues that Andreas needs to
finish investigating/fixing.  But if he doesn't get the time to resolve
those in the next week or so, I think it would be fine to do 4.5.20 without
delay even if we have more fixes for 4.5.21 shortly after.


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