what's the meaing of "<... _exit resumed>"

Donald Yan dyan at ddn.com
Mon Oct 26 16:39:35 UTC 2009

Hi there,

(Sorry if this question has been answered before.  I tried first to search through maillist archive at sourceforge but seemed like there is no search function in there.)

I'm using strace to collect some logs and find the following messages and not very clear on the meaing.  Could you shine some lights on it?  Appreciate in advance.

9421  07:46:36.736727 write(8, "n\'\5\325\7\303\361/\r\307\35\27_\7F\234\361pI\302p\233"..., 2048 <unfinished ...>
9421  07:46:36.736813 <... _exit resumed> ) = ? (Timeout) <0.000064>"

For unfinished write() call, I normally see "9425  09:23:56.385537 <... write resumed> ) = 8192 <0.612433>" kind of messsages.

What's the meaining of <...exit resumed> for write() or read() calls?  What does it mean by (Timeout), I mean is it a problem?  If it is, what's the common cause for it?

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