preparing to 4.5.19 release

Roland McGrath roland at
Fri Oct 9 21:48:49 UTC 2009

> I propose to build release tarballs from clean checked out source, and
> to set file timestamps right after checkout, e.g.
> git clone /path/to/strace.git &&
> cd strace &&
> git-set-file-times &&
> autoreconf -i &&
> ./configure --enable-maintainer-mode &&
> TAR_OPTIONS='--owner=0 --group=0 --numeric-owner --mode=go-w,go+rX' make distcheck

Why don't you put that into a script or make rule that starts with
"git archive $TAG | tar xf - -C tmpdir"?

> Maybe we could sacrifice portability and add this TAR_OPTIONS definition to

Yes, please do.  Portability is not an issue inside "if MAINTAINER_MODE".
Unpacking the dist, configure --enable-maintainer-mode + make distcheck
should match what we do for creating the official tarball.


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