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Hinko Kocevar hinko.kocevar at
Wed Feb 25 13:12:09 UTC 2009

Hi all,

After posting some strace updates for cris architecture on uClibc buildroot mailing list, I was asked to make a patch against the strace CVS code base. Here it is. It configures, compiles, and runs on cris-v10 arch embedded platform. cris-v32 was not tested. Base for patch port was taken from strace-4.8.15.

Attached is the patch, please apply.
[NOTE: I'm not on strace-devel, so please reply to my address directly, thank you]

Proof of working:
# /tmp/strace 
usage: strace [-dffhiqrtttTvVxx] [-a column] [-e expr] ... [-o file]
              [-p pid] ... [-s strsize] [-u username] [-E var=val] ...
              [command [arg ...]]
   or: strace -c -D [-e expr] ... [-O overhead] [-S sortby] [-E var=val] ...
              [command [arg ...]]
-c -- count time, calls, and errors for each syscall and report summary
-f -- follow forks, -ff -- with output into separate files
-F -- attempt to follow vforks, -h -- print help message
-i -- print instruction pointer at time of syscall
-q -- suppress messages about attaching, detaching, etc.
-r -- print relative timestamp, -t -- absolute timestamp, -tt -- with usecs
-T -- print time spent in each syscall, -V -- print version
-v -- verbose mode: print unabbreviated argv, stat, termio[s], etc. args
-x -- print non-ascii strings in hex, -xx -- print all strings in hex
-a column -- alignment COLUMN for printing syscall results (default 40)
-e expr -- a qualifying expression: option=[!]all or option=[!]val1[,val2]...
   options: trace, abbrev, verbose, raw, signal, read, or write
-o file -- send trace output to FILE instead of stderr
-O overhead -- set overhead for tracing syscalls to OVERHEAD usecs
-p pid -- trace process with process id PID, may be repeated
-D -- run tracer process as a detached grandchild, not as parent
-s strsize -- limit length of print strings to STRSIZE chars (default 32)
-S sortby -- sort syscall counts by: time, calls, name, nothing (default time)
-u username -- run command as username handling setuid and/or setgid
-E var=val -- put var=val in the environment for command
-E var -- remove var from the environment for command
# /tmp/strace -V
strace -- version 4.5.18

Hinko Kočevar, OSS developer
ČETRTA POT, d.o.o.
Planina 3, 4000 Kranj, SI EU
tel     ++386 (0) 4 280 66 03
e-mail  hinko.kocevar at

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