[PATCH 1/3] linux/ioctlent.sh: discover paths via exported-headers method

Denys Vlasenko dvlasenk at redhat.com
Sun Feb 22 02:59:18 UTC 2009

Hi Mike,

On Fri, 2009-02-20 at 12:56 -0500, Mike Frysinger wrote:
> Rather than hard coding the subdirs to search for ioctls, discover them
> dynamically with newer kernel trees by working off of the exported header
> mechanism.  If the kernel does not have this mechanism, we fall back to
> the old method of hard coding the list.
> This fixes issues where the current hard coded list does not contain all
> headers which get exported to userspace (like the mtd ioctls).

I searched the tree and apparently there is no documentation
whatsoever on what ioctlent.sh is and how to use it.

I assume it is used to refresh ioctldefs.h from time to time.

However, I only _assume_, and you apparently actually used it recently.

Can you write up a little explanation/HOWTO about it?
I intend to add it to the cvs.

I also will use it to validate future patches for ioctlent.sh.

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