strace on irix 6.5

Rainer M. Canavan strace at
Sun Oct 26 15:36:15 UTC 2008


I'm trying to get a current release of strace to compile and run
on IRIX 6.5. Aside from a number of new and obsolete syscalls that 
need to be ifdefed in system.c, there appears to be a problem with
the decoding of syscall parameters. Strace claims that almost all 
syscalls have 0 as the first parameter and then fails to properly
decode the following parameters. I've hacked "open" to display
the peoper filename and flags, but I'm certain that this is not
the proper way of fixing it, but I've failed to find a central place
to accomplish the same effect for all other syscalls.

If I recall correctly, the following change to file.c fixed
the open call:

 sys_open(struct tcb *tcp)
-       return decode_open(tcp, 0);
+       return decode_open(tcp, 1);

Is there any one place where such offsets can be adjusted?  



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