[PATCH] Port strace to the Blackfin architecture

Mike Frysinger vapier at gentoo.org
Thu Oct 23 09:50:36 UTC 2008

i'm attaching the diff compressed since it wouldnt make it through the mail 
admin before

2008-10-23  Mike Frysinger  <vapier at gentoo.org>

	* configure.ac: Add bfin to supported architectures.
	* process.c: Skip u_fpvalid/u_fpstate for Blackfin architecture.
	(change_syscall): Support Blackfin architecture.
	* syscall.c: Declare r0 for Blackfin architecture.
	(get_scno): Decode Blackfin syscall number.
	(syscall_fixup): Extract Blackfin return value.
	(get_error): Decode Blackfin return value.
	(force_result): Poke Blackfin return value.
	(syscall_enter): Extract Blackfin syscall arguments.
	* defs.h: Define TCB_WAITEXECVE for Blackfin architecture.
	* linux/syscall.h (sys_sram_alloc): Declare for Blackfin architecture.
	* system.c (sys_sram_alloc): Decode Blackfin sram_alloc() syscall.
	* util.c (getpc): Handle PC on Blackfin architecture.
	(printcall): Likewise.
	* linux/bfin/ioctlent.h, linux/bfin/syscallent.h: New Blackfin headers.
	* Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST): Add linux/bfin/ioctlent.h and
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