[PATCH 3/4] decode_select: Decode timeout for interrupted syscall

Roland McGrath roland at redhat.com
Mon Jul 28 22:42:33 UTC 2008

> 	* desc.c (decode_select): Decode timeout for interrupted syscall.

The user's timeval pointer only gets updated in Linux's special
incompatible mode ("personality" bits without STICKY_TIMEOUTS), which
noone ever uses in reality.  The timeout value there is the original one
already printed at syscall entry regardless of how long select did or
didn't block, so it's just confusingly inaccurate to print it again
labelled "left".

> 	* syscall.c (trace_syscall): Fix ERESTART* decode output.

Why is it better?  In those cases, noone ever sees a -1.
Either it later becomes EINTR, or it doesn't really return.
It's certainly not a "fix" and regardless does not belong
in the same commit or ChangeLog paragraph with the select change.


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