debian dir updates

Roland McGrath roland at
Fri Jul 18 00:55:05 UTC 2008

Sorry for the long delay.  And I'm extra sorry I didn't get it together in
time for the Debian freeze.  I'm trying to get myself to tend to the strace
backlog more often, really I am.

I put in all your debian/ updates.  The ChangeLog entry format was pretty
close to right.  However, it's normal to include the log entries in the
posting before the patch, not as part of the patch.  (Applying a patch to
ChangeLog often fails.)

> I think only the added systemcalls are of interest, the other changes
> are cosmetic.

At this point I just want to push the 4.5.17 release out with the completed
and verified fixes we have.  I'm going to merge a few more things in the
backlog, and then I hope to just do this release in the next few days.  If
there are lingering problems, we need fresh patches relative to the current
code posted to strace-devel.

> And there seems to be an s390 issue:

I don't recall which fix it was, but I'm pretty sure that was already fixed
some time ago.


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