and useless END{} ?

Mike Frysinger vapier at
Sat Apr 19 20:28:54 UTC 2008

On Saturday 19 April 2008, Dmitry V. Levin wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 26, 2008 at 07:20:11PM -0400, Mike Frysinger wrote:
> [...]
> > double hrm.  this was svn acting up on me again.  sometimes it fails to
> > detect that a file actually has changes in it.  in this case,
> > wasnt fully committed.
> >
> > now that i look at it again, i wonder what exactly the purpose of the
> > END{} block in the awk is for.  it seems to completely pointless in my
> > eyes.  why generate 100 extra syscalls that are known to be undefined ?
> That script seems to be designed to prepare syscallent.h templates for
> later edit by hand; looks like somebody need stub entries, I have no idea
> why.

so just leave it alone ?  or can i send a patch to either remove it or make it 
optional ?
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