[PATCH]count signals too with -c option

Roland McGrath roland at redhat.com
Tue Aug 14 08:36:57 UTC 2007

That looks like a reasonable feature.  I'm not sure that noone depends on
the -c output format being as it is.  So perhaps it should be a separate
option to enable the signals count output.  

Would you mind including ChangeLog entries ahead of your patch?  See the
existing file for the exact format, and please follow it precisely.

Also, don't do that chicanery with SIGRTMAX.  Just have count_signal
dynamically reallocate its table as needed to cover the signal numbers it
actually sees.

Also, "recieves" is a poor label, as well as being misspelled.
I would make it look more like:

% time     seconds  usecs/call     calls    errors syscall
------ ----------- ----------- --------- --------- ----------------
  0.00    0.000000           0         1           set_thread_area
------ ----------- ----------- --------- --------- ----------------
100.00    0.000185                    33         7 total

				 signals    fatal  signal name
			       --------- --------- ----------------
        		               2	 0 SIGCHLD
        			       3	 0 SIGCONT
        			       1	 0 SIGRT_32
			       --------- --------- ----------------
        		               6	 0 total

i.e. line up number of signals with number of calls and names with names.
Also, I included a "fatal" column lined up with "errors".  That would
distinguish how many WIFSIGNALED exits strace saw, and that total could
only be >1 when tracing multiple threads or processes.


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