I: my strace package repository

Dmitry V. Levin ldv at altlinux.org
Fri Oct 6 23:17:54 UTC 2006


Looks like Roland is busy with other tasks, so I decided to announce
my strace package repository sutable for revision tracking:

At this moment HEAD contains strace-4.5.14 plus 8 patches:
strace-4.5.14-alt-quotactl.patch - More elaborate quotactl(2) parser, RH#118696.
strace-4.5.14-alt-keep_status.patch - New "-k" option, RH#105371.
strace-4.5.14-alt-tcb.patch - Fix race conditions in tcb allocation, RH#180293.
strace-4.5.14-owl-x86_64.patch - Fix x86-64 build with old kernel headers.
strace-4.5.14-alt-print_xattr_val.patch - Fix memory corruption, RH#200621.
strace-4.5.14-alt-trace.patch - Fix strace misbehavior, RH#204950.
strace-4.5.14-alt-syscalls.patch - Add hooks for new syscalls, RH#178633.
strace-4.5.14-alt-PT_GETSIGINFO.patch - Fix build with glibc-2.5, RH#209856.

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