about syscall.h and syscallent.h

sean yang seanatpurdue at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 13 10:12:01 UTC 2006

I am very interested in strace and want to modify it a bit(to investigate a 
little more information when intercept a system call) for my own debugging 
purpose. I am looking at the code in strace-4.5.14. I found there are two 
files syscall.h and syscallent.h under strace-4.5.14/linux. system calls in 
syscallent.h are a subset of system calls in syscall.h

I understood that syscallent.h gives the system calls being "intercepted and 
processed". However, what does strace do to the system calls not included in 
syscallent.h but included in syscall.h? For example, sys_gethostname? I can 
see the processing routine for sys_gethostname in strace-4.5.14/process.c.

I appreciate your help.

Thanks a lot,

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