Can we build STRACE with uClibc?

Nitin Gupta nitin.gupta at
Tue Sep 14 16:59:08 UTC 2004

Problem with building binaries using glibc is their large size. I am 
trying to build certain binaries for our linux environment by using uClibc.
I was having having build conflict in the way code is there (net.c : 
1000) while using uClibc.

I will try to get a patch done for uClibc, for strace and mail that to you.

Roland McGrath wrote:

>You'll have to talk specifics to get any useful answers.  There are no
>plans to do anything different than is done now, basically.  If you want it
>done, you'll have to do the work yourself and then work with me about
>merging your changes in without breaking anything that works now.
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