Strace 4 Linux x86 - IO traceing

Maciej Zenczykowski maze at
Sun Nov 9 05:26:24 UTC 2003

I'm wondering if a patch exists for implementing IO (ie. 
inb/w/l/outb/w/l/cli?/sti?/pushf?/popf?/rep insb/wl/rep outsb/w/l) 
traceing on Linux x86 for strace.  Conceptually you'd need to virtualize 
iopl and ioperm, catch the resulting exceptions and emulate the access 
while dumping the results.  Has this been done?  Is this doable?  Is there 
a better way/alternate program which already does this?  I know this is 
already done by dosemu for the emulated programs.  If this hasn't been 
done would someone do it (pretty please) or provide a few hints as to the 
codepoints in the strace code which would require modifying?


PS. Please CC me as I'm not on the list.

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