ipv6 enhancement for strace 4.2

Arkadiusz Miskiewicz misiek at pld.org.pl
Fri Sep 15 11:58:55 UTC 2000


please apply this ipv6 enhancement patch to strace cvs.

It adds scope id support as defined in draft-ietf-ipngwg-rfc2553bis
and introduced in recent 2.3.9X Linux kernel, glibc pre2.2
and in KAME related *BSD distribution. Also it fixes sin6_flowinfo.
RFC2553 says only that sin6_flowinfo field is a 32-bit field
and doesn't say nothing about byte order so we don't try to convert
it from network to host byte order.

28955 connect(8, {sin_family=AF_INET6, sin6_port=htons(79),
      inet_pton(AF_INET6, "fe80::260:52ff:fe0b:ff81", &sin6_addr),
      sin6_flowinfo=0, sin6_scope_id=1}}, 28) = 0

Arkadiusz Miśkiewicz         http://www.misiek.eu.org/ipv6/
PLD GNU/Linux [IPv6 enabled]    http://www.pld.org.pl/
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